2017 Album Update.

It's been months since my last album update, so I thought I'd catch you up... We're now sneaking up on almost 6 years since my last full-length album release. I don't think that's really hit me until now. That's an extremely long time. So much has changed in my life.

Anyway, I'm cautiously-elated to share that my fourth full-length album is closer than it's ever been to somewhat nearing completion! The album has a title, and as of this week it even has cover art. As odd as it may sound, once I have a title and cover art, it really helps me narrow down a release. I can also share that as of right now, there are about 10 songs written that are definitely going to be on the album, and a handful more that may make it as writing continues.

With that being said, I want to go ahead and give fair warning that this album will be different. I mean, it's still me, and it's still Backseat Goodbye, but I'm really just going for it. I'm making the exact album I want to make right now. At the risk of sounding childish... I've grown up - and that's really going to show with this record.

I'm done giving timelines for releases or updates, because just when I think I'm going to have time to create this record that is extremely important to me, something comes up in life and pushes things back a bit. Regardless, 2017 is the year a new Backseat Goodbye album will be released. Still trying to possibly have a new single ready for you by sometime this summer.

<3 Chad