New Merch & Shop.

I'm very excited to share that I've launched a brand new online store / clothing company called Good Ghosts Co.! Basically, for those who don't know, I create a lot of stuff... Whether it's music as Backseat Goodbye, or under my real name (Chad Sugg), or writing books, etc... I just really like making something from nothing. So, instead of having two or three different online stores, you can simply go to GOODGHOSTS.CO, and find any and all of my old and new merchandise from now til forever!

As mentioned above, Good Ghosts Co. is also a brand new clothing company as well. It's where I'm releasing new lines of apparel I've wanted to make for a long time that weren't 100% connected to my own music. And yes, if you happened to notice, the name Good Ghosts is from a track off my album The Good Years. I mean, what better way to make something new, but connect it all than by giving it a name that had some meaning too?

Oh, and it's not much yet, but there are a few small new Backseat items in the shop already - you can go straight to the BG section @ Don't worry, I'm still working on my first new Backseat album in forever, and once that release gets closer there will be all kinds of new BG stuff in the shop ;)


Backseat Goodbye