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Stay Young

Backseat Goodbye

Stay young and don't trust anyone
Stay young and don't trust anyone
Especially me, especially me

Last year I knew, I'd know
This was all my fault
Stay young, stay young

First time in a while I'm not sure what to do
I think I'm going down
So, I'll force a smile and make it through another year
These songs are lonely sounds
They remind me of our love we built in time
And how I burned it down

Good luck with the next few months
And your hollow toy soul 
I finally found you out

Don't tell me this was easy
Think it through, don't say no more
It's not worth it, nothings perfect
One more fast move I'm leaving
I didn't mean to hurt your soul
It was something beautiful
Before me and my selfish dreams
Could someone wake me?

I need a sign tonight
I need, I need, I need, I need
I need a sign tonight
I need a sign tonight
I need a sign tonight
I need a sign tonight

It's night's like these where we figure out
Who we're gonna be when the sun comes up
When the sun comes up

Written by Chad Sugg