I woke up, you were gone again
You said, "Nothing's really fair 
Till you realize we've all lost our minds
It's all worthless, I'm giving up the fight"

Whatever it is, you got it
Please don't take me for granted

The sky fell on my room again
I opened up my window and let it in
It's not easy being someone I could love
Sometimes you get so lonely 
It just makes sense to give up

I hate days like this
Yeah, I hate days like this
You know, I hate days like this
When everyone I know hates themself
Or wants to
United States of Whatever, 

Take your time, failure's free
It's really not that bad, 
You're just pissed off cause it's never easy
We're all stars in a race for the endless nothing

It was summer, times were good
Our hair was long, the music loud, 
When you told me you'd live forever
That lie was all I had, now you wanna take it back
It's cool if you take it back
I won't tell a soul you ran
I'm better off being the only one 
To know what the ending is
Tell Elliott I'm sorry, 
If heaven's real I hope you're happy
I can't believe I'm not the one, 
I could have sworn I was

Written by Chad Sugg