Love Song

if i asked you nicely.
would you write me a love song?
tomorrow's too far.
sing it now just in case if i'm gone.
you can use my name in it.
you can refrence my favorite singers, whatever you'd like.
just as long as you sing it just for me.
if i told you monday.
this time next week i'll be leaving you.
would you block the door or open it for me.
if i took your picture.
would you smile or shy away.
you're not much on poetry.
but god damn girl i love every word you say.
if i asked you politely.
would you paint me a starry night.
i know it's your favorite van gough painting.
i know you know what it looks like.
if i begged you lovely.
to please come home would you reply.
well you asked me nicely.
so i wrote you a love song.
it's got words and it rhymes.
it's got my untuned guitar.
i can mention our inside jokes.
or how we say goodbye in the backseats of cars.
and give irony to my band name.
but i'd rather not.
i wrote you a love song.
it's got two chords and my self learned voice.
i'll compare your eyes to stars.
and your hands to perfection.
just to give you chills.
when i sing it to your face.
you'll cry and call it lovely.
and when i'm done i'll dry your tears.
and call you lovely.
hey there lovely.

Written by Chad Sugg

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