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Infinity & Beyond

Backseat Goodbye

Don't tell me I'm the only one 
Tracing infinities on my arms
Waiting for the years that are already gone
I should really get out more often
It's too damn quiet in this apartment
I swear I'm going crazy just thinking about it
The ceiling spins around, 
I'm stuck to the ground looking up, 
Wondering how I got here
It's all a matter of time and space
How many people you hate
Don't kill the kids, they didn't do anything
They just wanted something to change

Take me, I swear I'm better off 
Being the one without a cause
Another soldier for a war between the gods
Made up by men who forgot 
What it feels like to be loved
Happy birthday, son, we're moving on
We're moving on

It's all a blur until you realize 
Nothing's real unless it's worth it
And me, I know I'm far from perfect, 
But at least I tried
I guess it all makes sense now
Hell yeah, we made it out alive
What else would expect from a fool who's obsessed 
With waking up before it's all gone?
So play me one more song 
With the chords I like and a melody
Something soft, something real, 
Anything that won't ever leave me.

Written by Chad Sugg