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Backseat Goodbye

Everything’s gonna be alright
Even if I don’t believe it now
I’ll wake up on another flight
It’s a fifteen hour drive

The days fade as the music plays
I’m a singer in these dreams I made
Saved some money from some songs I wrote
About the way I used to be

Just wait I’m gonna prove you wrong
Yeah, it’s a mad world out there
But I’ve waited too damn long
To finally be happy
Like everybody else

I love my mother and my father too
Yeah, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To let them know that their son’s so proud
Of the things they’ve done, the plans they’ve made 
The lives they’ve changed, the love that never fades
I could never thank you two enough
Yeah, I hope make you proud
Someday I’ll buy you both a big house
And you’ll never have to worry
And we’ll all be happy

You see I love my friends too
Yeah, the ones who call and the ones who never do
It gets hard to keep in touch
But that don’t mean a thing
'Cause we're all fighting in this war
To hell and back with scars to show which side we fought for 

Just wait I'm gonna prove them wrong
Yeah, it's a mad world out there 
But we've waited too damn long
To finally be happy
Like everybody else

Yeah, we're gonna be so happy

Written by Chad Sugg