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Backseat Goodbye

Hey, by the way
I still remember singing Death Cab in your car
The summer was our time machine
We were the best they had ever seen

Hey, by the way
It's good hear, you're voice in the same room
The telephone killed the love letters
And video will take us over soon
If the thrill of touch is a memory
God, I hope I remember you

Take a look around
Leaving's a simple sound
The forward motion of the future
With your feet on the ground
And it's all okay
I'm falling anyway
And I'm still not sorry

Hey, by the way
I'm still the same
If anything, I'm more of it
Blurred lines on the 24
We got what we wanted, these roads are all haunted
With the taste of sex and magazines
We were small town celebrities
And nothing changed for days
We were gods on this interstate
The people prayed to the words that we’d sing
God, I hope I remember you

What a drag it is
To feel like this
The things we said
All the stupid shit we did
Messed up in the middle of a ghostown
I'm done living this way right now

Hey, by the way
I miss the taste, of the time that we would waste
Coca-Cola like a good song through my veins
We come back, but it never feels the same
We come back, but it never feels the
Now where we used to sit lonely
People can buy their groceries
It's funny how the years can turn money from memories

I kinda hope and kinda wish you would
Have said something more, said something more
I kinda hope and kinda wish you would
Have said something, said something

Written by Chad Sugg