it started in an upstairs apartment...

I had just started college, and got the urge to write. The first songs were demos on a laptop in my apartment bedroom in Murfreesboro, TN.

I released a couple of EPs, and played some shows here and there. After year or so, the songs seemed to be catching on a bit, so I decided to up the quality and bit and began touring more and more. Near the end of 2006, I released an EP called "Nightmares Are For Dreamers" that had a song I had just wrote on it called "Technicolor Eyes". I had mowed yards the summer before to pay for the CD release of that EP, and within about a month after releasing it, it launched my career and changed my life.

Then & Now

Fast forward to 2016... I've been lucky enough to tour the world, sell out shows, make friends, and all the usual music industry credits I never thought I'd see. I took a break from Backseat Goodbye for the past few years, and focused on making music under my own name, Chad Sugg... It's been fun, and I'm still doing that, but recently I started getting the itch to make a new Backseat Goodbye album. 2016 will bring what I guess you could call the "re-birth" of Backseat Goodbye. I've never stopped writing for the project, and am excited to wake it all up again. Here's to tomorrow...


Numbers & Such
(These are some stats & things I've been lucky enough to do under the moniker of Backseat Goodbye over the years)

Years Active: 2004 - Present
Distro: Roamer Records (2013 - Present)
The Militia Group (2008 - 2010)
Label: Roamer Records (2013 - Present)
Release Count: 3 LPs (Full-Length Albums)
7 EPs, & Countless Singles